Introducing the HR Compass Navigation System

HR Compass Navigation System

HR isn’t something that should only be considered when something goes wrong with an employee. HR should be a part of all aspects of your business so that you can ensure that you’re always on an even keel. To ensure that our clients always have access to the HR services they need we’ve developed the…

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Meet the Team: Larissa Darcy

HR Compass staff member Larissa Darcy

At HR Compass we’re all about people, so we thought it was a good idea for you to get to know the wonderful people that make up our team. This time, we’re introducing you to Larissa Darcy – the wonder woman who is tirelessly working to make sure we’re delivering for our clients. She is…

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Do I have to pay interns?

Payment rules for interns Australia

We’ve received a number of enquiries of late about the rules and regulations surrounding internships and particularly whether or not interns must be paid. There are many different types of internships and the legal rules that govern them also differ. But, as a number of recent court cases show, employers are at risk of breaking…

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Benefits of outsourcing your HR

There are many benefits to outsourcing your HR

Small and medium sized businesses are all too often distracted by workplace problems that may distract the management team from focussing on growing and driving the organisation forward. This can result in lost time, productivity, industrial action or even legal costs. By outsourcing your HR you can help your business avoid all of these problems.…

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