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You’ve got talent - right? Why else would your business have grown to a point where you need to employ people to keep your business growing?

You know what you want them to do and you are leading and managing your people to keep the business sailing in the right direction. That Compass is in your hand and I’m sure you are navigating your business to achieve its sales and production goals. Who, though, is holding the Compass and navigating your workforce compliance and helping you get the best performance from your employees to drive productivity and business growth?

Small to Medium sized Enterprise (SME) are all too often distracted by workplace problems that may distract the business leaders from building their enterprise resulting in lost time, productivity, industrial action or even legal costs. HR Compass can help your business avoid all of these problems by navigating your people and culture challenges while you focus on building your business.

Take the stress out of your personnel management responsibilities and let HR Compass help you navigate your people and culture journey.

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10 Questions To Ask A Candidate In A Job Interview

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These essential questions will help you to establish whether a candidate is going to be a great asset to your organisation.

Find out what makes them tick, the lessons they've learned and their greatest achievements.

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HR Compass has engaged with a number of organisations developing a wide range of skills and an awareness of issues within the workplace.


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